Magic. Transformation. Healing.

Transformational Magic is a practical way to manifest joyful results in your life And recreate yourself time and time again. 

Transformational Magic:
cleanse the energy of your home and learn spiritual protection
shift your internal energy, to change your emotions and thought patterns
discover your personal gifts, by looking at the stars from when you were born
create magic combinations with crystals and oils, to inspire you and create a better life
Why Do People Love Transformational Magic
The Answer is Simple... With It's very simple, but powerful Library of videos, recipes, and training material and its ability to help you transform your life and view of the world, It's one of the best programs you could use to start with magic or add to your repertoire of tried and true techniques.

We built this so that its completely easy to navigate. Clear weekly training, with do it yourself lessons, so you can apply it immediately. No guesswork, it flows seamlessly...

Video Training
So you can watch and listen to each training. There are handout files to go with each week, for quick reference.

Recipes and Rituals
This training isn't just theory. You will get your hands busy, creating healing combinations and performing protective rituals to keep your house feeling great!

Connect with Nature and God
You will have many opportunities throughout, to appreciate an enhanced connection to the source of your Light. You will spend time in nature, appreciating the world and its elements more deeply. 
What is Magick...
Transformational Magic Is Full of Powerful Lessons
Here is what you get...
Determining Fact from Fiction
You'll discover...
  • How is magick in the movies similar/different than magick in real life?
  • Can I do that? Find out some things that are actually possible, and how they’re done.
  • Receive a protection technique for protecting your house
Working with Nature and the Elements
You'll practice…
  • How to balance your energy and harness the elements
  • How nature heals
  • Connecting with animals totems
Unlocking Your Natural Gifts: Letters Numbers and Sounds
Explore the magick of…
  • Astrology, names, and numerology
  • How to predict the potential course of your life
  • Ways to avoid problems, how to enhance your best qualities
Earth, Water, Air, Fire: Making Magick
Working with the elements to create…
  • Recipe for making a mood elevating spray
  • Alchemy
  • Clearing out negative energy and bringing in the positive
  • Recipe for attracting more money
  • And more…
Awesome… What Else Does Transformational Magic Offer?
There is so much in this program. Practical activities and also enlightening information. These techniques can bring you internal changes, healing, and joy.

Greater Self Love

Increased Internal Light

Positive Outlook

Awareness of Self and Those Around You 
Transformational Magic Includes Amazing Bonuses!
To make sure you have the tools you need to change yourself inside and make your life match the life of your dreams, we've included bonuses. They'll take the healing deeper and help you continue your study further.
Create a Spiritual Altar
For all of this program, its helpful to have an altar in your home. The altar harnesses energy for you to utilize. You'll learn how to make one!
Cleanse and Balance Your Chakras
To be truly in control of your life, you need balanced energy. The chakras are the way you flow energy into your life. Make sure you are putting forth clear energy.
Tools for Cleansing House 
Discover different options for clearing the energy of your house. Use household items or magical supplies. Different techniques have slightly different results. Use all of them for really deep cleaning. 
Ancient Secrets: Further Study
Find out what books we recommend to continue your journey. Books that unlock the secrets of magic and transformation.
Meet the teacher behind Transformational Magic.
John Evans

John was raised in a family deep in spiritual tradition and balanced in the Eastern and Western philosophies, with a Reverend as a father and his mother, a Japanese Buddhist Shaman. He is 13th generations magic workers in in his lineage. John first began his study with magic in martial arts throughout childhood, where he learned to harness chi. Eventually this training led to a lifelong study of how to heal others with chi. He lived in a spiritual monastery for seven years, where he meditated daily and studied deep esoteric books and philosophies. 

He then began training in an ancient Mystery School, receiving high level initiations and magickal trainings in Mystic Qabala, Shamanism, Egyptian and Enochian Magick, working with Angels and more. He teaches spiritual classes and performs healing internationally. 
His passion is to help people connect with their deepest powers and connection to God. 

money-back Try Transformational Magic for 30-Days Risk Free

I've been working with magic for decades. Its worked wonders in my life. I believe you will enjoy this training. If, for any reason, you are not completely happy with ANY of this program, please send me a quick message, and I'll refund your money 100%. No questions asked.

We take all the risk so you don’t have to…

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What People Say

My life is more enjoyable and exciting.

"I had fun doing this series; I love to do little magic things every day. I've noticed my life is more enjoyable and exciting with magic. Sometimes I call my family to tell them when I've been able to manifest something; which happens really regularly now."
          -L.J., Los Angeles

Keep doing the work to make this world a better place.

"I feel shining and brand new! You put a missing piece of the puzzle of my life together, and with your help, its integrated into my heart and life and I feel whole. Keep doing the empowering, transforming, healing work to make this world a better place.  Namaste"

          -L.R., Colorado

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